1926: Penelope Collins and her father are the only ones who remember the folk and fairy tales of the world. When bullied Penelope finally lashes out and punches her teacher, she cracks open the boundary between the Realm of Men and an invisible isle off the coast of Edinburgh, Scotland where the forgotten tales are kept.

Like Prometheus bringing fire to earth, Penelope must bring the tales back to the Realm of Men, before humanity is lost. But terrors lurk at each encounter with the fairy tale inhabitants of the isle. None of whom are left the way Penelope remembers...

A rogue sprite follows her journey and photographs her quest to find a cursed king who kidnapped the Story Weaver. The king will do anything to stop Penelope from bringing the stories back to earth – even if it means resurrecting the ancient god of chaos. Now it’s up to lonely, volatile Penelope to save the Story Weaver, save the stories, and save the world from looming destruction.

Penelope’s Perils combines the ancient myths of Mesopotamia and the fairy tales of Northern Europe to create a new saga, and is illustrated with 40 beautiful photographs.